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HQ in Szeged
Our firm was fouded in 15th Feruary 2002. At that time we were workig with the construction of aerial electric networks. Because of the increasing market demands we were forced to construct buried cable networks along with aerial electric networks. Our dinamicly developing firm has quickly outgrown its first rent depot. In the need for more place we were searchig for a new place for our equipments. We found a new placenin Szeged, at Szövetkezeti Road which used to be a grain depot. We are constantly work on the recostruction of the building and its surroundings to make it fit for our requirements.

As time went our activity has broadened with van leasing, and from 2003 we started pavement buildings and repairs, road repairs and reconstructions. In the hope of increasing our competitive position we accept other earthworks (eg.: canalization, water and gas installation). We try to improve the efficiency by constant technical developments. In the year 2004 our new equipments increased with a new hot melting boiler, a JCB 4CX with the adjunct breakhead and a JCB 1CX mini bagger loading machine. We have over 25 employees. Adjoinig our workig teams we can keep the deadline of the big volumen projects too.

Our range of actions enregistered at the registry court are:
• electrical repairs – our main concern (except for concession due and absolute nation activities)
• production of electric equipment ( except for depot admission due activities)
• other mechanic repairs
• building equipmet retal with staff
• wholesale of electronic home equipment.
• other wholesale
• smalltrade of manufactured goods
• smalltrade of electroic home equipment
• building industry machine and equipment rental
• advertisement (except for those due to official licence or autonomic licence)
• housebreaking, earthworks
• motorway, road, airport, sport field building (only with official autonomic licence)
• storage
• building, bridge, tunnel, public works, cable network costruction

Our employees fall into five maintenance groups:
• aerial constructor electricians, network constructors
• building and general electricians
• infrastructural engineers, buried cable mechanics, canal builders
• pavement constructors, asphalt distributors

Metalworkers, locksmiths Our goals:
• fulfil the requirements of our partners completely and economically
• fulfil the requirements of both the employees and the employers concerning the quality assurance
• have a reassuring feedback from our partners
• strenghten constantly our competitive position, merchantable position and good fame
• improve the quality and make the need for the best quality work a must for every employee

We want to maintain the good quality of our work by using efficient methods and by considering our partners’requirements at the greatest possible extent. On the other hand we must sincronize these requirements with the ultimate expertise:
• with the purpose and consumer goals
• with the technical and technological requirements and methods used in the national and international practice
• with the laws, regulations, official ordonnances, and the relevant national and international standards and other regulations
• with the safety requirements

At its new depot in Szeged, 2 Szövetkezeti út, our firm posesses a guarded storage area of 4000 squaremetres.

We have equipment for storing:

  1. road-weigh-house
  2. siding with bridge scale
  3. river-harbour.

We can store that goods which are not foods:

building materials (cement, etc.)
machines, tools
metal ware
plastic, woods and textile artefacts.

The merchandizing of market has been getting higher and higher so our firm adapted MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality management system.